Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

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When the dirt of the road around Freehold gets to be too much, it’s probably time to give your car a wash. There are many options around town for a hand car wash or touchless car wash, but which option is better? When it comes to taking care of your Toyota, both methods have advantages and drawbacks. Compare a hand wash car wash vs. hands-free car wash with Galaxy Toyota, and get your vehicle shining again.

Hand Wash Car Facts

Toms River drivers whose vehicle needs a detailed washing will find that a hand wash car wash is the better choice. Drivers can either perform this wash in their driveway, or take it to a skilled car cash service found in dealerships like Galaxy Toyota. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hand wash car washes:

Hand Car Wash Pros

  • A Deeper Clean: Hands-free car washes do a good job, however, hand washing allows drivers to get into the small crevices, a change to deep clean dried bugs on the windshield and front bumper, and have more access for an undercarriage clean.
  • Affordable: Save money by washing the car at home rather than paying someone else.

Hand Car Wash Cons

  • Specialty Facilities Cost More:  Getting a hand wash at the dealership or specialty wash facility will cost more than personally buying the DIY supplies. However, those who don’t have the time or space still find this to be the better option.
  • Car Paint Damage: While this isn’t guaranteed to happen, this can happen if the vehicle’s washed too frequently.

Touchless Car Wash Facts

Even experienced Long Branch drivers find childlike joy going through a touchless car wash. Also known as a hands-free car wash, these automated car washes are typically cheaper than specialty hand washes. However, it has its share of advantages and disadvantages:

Touchless Car Wash Pros

  • Convenience: Hands-free car washes are meant to be quick and efficient. Typically, Eatontown drivers can get in and out in under 10 minutes.
  • Less Harmful to Paint: Touchless car washes are designed to be gentle on cars to prevent paint scratching and damage.
  • Cheaper Costs: There’s no additional labor cost involved for touchless car washes.

Touchless Car Wash Cons

  • Wash May be Unsatisfactory: Vehicles that need extra attention because of bugs or debris might be completely cleaned with the gentle nature of a touchless car wash.
  • Water Spots: Additional drying may be needed. The air dryers located at the end of a hands-free car wash get rid of most of the stray water droplets, but they may leave water spots.

Explore Other Car Care Tips at Galaxy Toyota!

Whether you prefer a hand wash or touchless car wash, contact the team in our parts center to find the right car care supplies for your Toyota. If you’re interested in other vehicle service information, explore our service tips and tricks. When it’s time for your vehicle’s maintenance, turn to the certified technicians using genuine OEM parts in our service center.

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