Special Offers for First Responders


Let me introduce myself. My name is Bobby Ciasulli, and I am the General Manager at Galaxy Toyota. Being a firefighter, I’m well aware of the stress that first responders, as well as their families, endure daily. To help, I put into place a purchasing program that benefits all first responders and their immediate family members. It’s easy to participate in – let one of our sales representatives know you’re a first responder or a family member of one, show them a copy of your department identification, and we will handle things from there. To make the process stress-free for everyone, we are removing the need for negotiations.

Thank you for your continued services, and I look forward to meeting in our Eatontown Toyota showroom.

Bobby Ciasulli



Video Transcript:

Bobby Ciasulli is the general manager of Galaxy Toyota in Eatontown and Honda Universe in Lakewood. They have been in business for about 50 years. He’s a third-generation who grew up in the business. Selling cars is in his blood and dates back to when he was a kid when his father had him in the back of the dealership cleaning cars. He worked his way through the parts department, the body shop, service, and service advisor. He kept moving all the way up to where he’s now, running some of the stores.

During those years, his Jersey Shore-area Toyota and Honda dealerships have taken pride in being a part of the community. 

“We’re very involved with the local police departments in both stores, and so we do as much as we can to help the community,” he said. They are taking that commitment to a new level with a special car-buying program for some of the most selfless people in our communities. Our first responders.

Why this program? It’s because Bobby is also a volunteer firefighter in Colts Neck fire department number two in Monmouth County. Becoming a firefighter came much later in life. In fact, joining the department was inspired by the first responders’ selfless acts that Bobby witnessed in his hometown after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.

“When a tragedy happens, when something so devastating like that happens, you do see everybody in the community rally together,” he said. He told a story about visiting a friend in the firehouse where they had a generator, light, and power so he can take a shower. “You can flush a toilet if you have to, you can feel like a human once again. So, literally from sunrise to sunset we spent 10 days in this firehouse,” he said.

Being there he got to see how much they do for the community. Bobby was instantly sold on becoming a first responder, and within a month he was enrolled in the fire academy. Four months and 200 training hours later, he was officially a volunteer firefighter. Today, he is a second lieutenant.

Now he’s bringing his business and volunteer worlds together in hopes of easing the burden of buying a car. “We’re fortunate enough to be in a position where I can help people. Not only with volunteering my time with being a firefighter, but with our business because people need cars all the time.”

And the first responder car purchasing program is an excellent way to get a new car. They put together a no-haggle policy within their store so that if they come in and say they’re a first responder, and prove with their ID, and that’s it. They will see the paperwork, learn what the program and deal is, and within seconds they will know they got an incredible deal.

Whether you’re leasing or buying, going with a new or used car, they have you covered! The special pricing for all first responders:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Military

It’s Bobby’s mission to spread the word about helping first responders buy a car. He also hopes another message comes out of this story. Since Hurricane Sandy inspired him to become a first responder, he hopes that when people watch this video, maybe it will encourage them to want to do it.

Even though giving back as a businessman is rewarding, helping out people in emergencies is a whole other feeling. “Once you do it, there’s no amount of money on the planet that can give you that feeling, that reward of helping people out the way we do, it’s fantastic,” he said.