What to Do After a Car Accident

Insurance Agent Examining Car After Accident
Car accidents happen around Galaxy Toyota. They are just part of life. Unfortunately, they can be traumatic for everyone involved, but knowing what to do after a car collision is crucial because it can help make the event slightly less distressing. When you’re shaken up and in the middle of the turmoil, it’s difficult to think clearly, so understanding what to do after a car accident ahead of time can help ease the burden. That’s why Galaxy Toyota brings you this helpful guide on what to do after a car accident.

Checklist for What to Do After a Car Accident

Minor car accidents are handled a bit differently than a more severe collision because they don’t involve medical assistance. Some examples of minor auto collisions include a fender-bender or someone backing into your car in a parking lot.

  1. ALWAYS check to see if you or your passengers need medical attention. If so, call 911 immediately!
  2. If you can do it safely, pull your vehicle over to a safe spot. Don’t park it too far away from the accident scene, but you also don’t want to be hit again or block traffic.
  3. Call the police. Even if the other driver says that it’s unnecessary to call the police for a minor accident, you still should! It will provide an official report of the situation, and your insurance company will likely require it.
  4. Exchange contact information. Exchange contact information with the other driver and passengers, and snap a picture of their driver’s license with your smartphone. Get the other Freehold driver’s insurance policy information as well. Also, take a picture of their license plate number and insurance card. If there were any witnesses to the collision, ask for their contact information too.
  5. Document your vehicle’s damage. Take detailed pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved. If possible, take a photo of the accident scene and make notes of what transpired.
  6. Call your insurance provider to report the car collision immediately to start a car accident insurance claim.
  7. Follow up with your physician. If you were injured and are still feeling bad after being treated, you should follow up and do what your doctor recommends. Keep your insurance agent informed of your recovery progress.

How to File a Car Accident Insurance Claim

Filing a car accident insurance claim around Toms River is easy. While the process may vary slightly depending on your insurance provider and coverage, the process of how to file a car insurance claim is pretty standard. When you file a car accident insurance claim with your insurance agent, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your insurance policy number. You’ll find it printed on your insurance card or policy
  • A detailed description of how the car accident happened
  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • All of the collected contact and insurance information from the other people involved
  • Name of the police officer and department involved, as well as the police report number (if applicable)

Next, your vehicle will be evaluated by an insurance adjuster. You’ll need to get a couple of estimates of the cost of auto repairs. The service center at Galaxy Toyota can help you with that.

Galaxy Toyota Can Help You Get Back on the Road

When it’s time to get back on Long Branch streets, you can trust the body shop and service center at Galaxy Toyota to get the job done right. From body damage to mechanical issues and more, we’ll have you back on the road quickly. We are happy to work directly with most insurance companies. If you need a new vehicle, browse our extensive inventory of new Toyota models. Contact us with any questions, and remember, we’re here for you!

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